2022 Quantum Imperial Stout (2-pack)


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2022 Vintage

We’ve harnessed a world of flavour within the confines of these two cans. Our Imperial Stout has been allowed to mellow in toasted American White Oak and Barbados Rum barrels for twelve months.

Maple Vanilla Quantum
Toasting oak brings out natural compounds that evoke vanilla and caramel. We’ve complimented these notes and made it our own with the addition of Canadian maple syrup and Madagascar vanilla beans for an unmistakable tasting experience.

Rum Chocolate Quantum
The dark sugar notes of rum molasses are the perfect foil to the addition of Sirene Chocolate’s ethically-sourced roasted cacao, adding another dimension of flavour to this opulent stout.

- Quantum Satis -
The amount which is enough, but not more.

10.5% alc/vol, 2 x 473 mL cans